The original container pool.

Corr Series Pool

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Structure0.14" Steel Walls0.14" Steel Walls
Integrated Baja Ledge
Pool Equipment Included
Exterior Siding Options
Custom Interior ColorNO - Standard Blue
Custom Exterior ColorNO - Standard Black
Estimated Delivery Time4 to 6 weeks3 to 4 months
Starting Price (CAD)$45,950$72,400
Starting Price (USD)$34,950$55,900

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The new pool on the block.

Stelar Series Pools

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Fantastic features.

Plug & Play

Tangle Pools is so easy that it can be used the same day it arrives.

Energy Efficient

Tangle Pools are built with trusted, tried and true, Pentair equipment.

Stairs & Deck

Integrated stairs and a convenient Baja deck for sun worshippers.

Fingertip Control

Pentair’s EasyTouch Control System syncs with your smart phone.

Coated Inside & Out

Urethane-based coating ensures that your pool will last for years.

Bright Light

One LED light that provides vivid, brilliant and pure illumination.

Pool Cover

Automatic or manual covers to keep your pool safe and clean.

Exterior Colour

Pick any exterior paint colour to match your home.

Heavy Duty Doors

Keep your pool equipment safe and secure from the elements

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