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We try our very best to give our clients all the information they'll need to make an informed and confident decision. At Tangle Pools our product and quality speak for themselves, however if you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

How do we get the process started?

Our Build + Price page will give you all our pricing information and put you in contact with one of our sales associates. From there we will be able to build your Tangle Pools experience based on your unique installation and pool of choice.

Can I finance my Tangle Pool?

Definitely – Tangle Pools offers financing through our private financing company (O.A.C.).

Get Canadian financing at:
Get American financing at: HFS Financial

Where can I view a Tangle Pool?

Tangle Pools has a demo pool at our home base in Leduc, Alberta. Simply contact us to set up a private appointment and we will be more than happy to show you our demo Tangle Pool and all the cool features.

Can’t personally make it to Leduc? Schedule a One-On-One Consult with us!

Where can Tangle Pools be shipped?

Our pool can be shipped anywhere in North America.

Using a shipping container makes it easy, convenient and affordable to be shipped right to your backyard.

Contact our sales team to get a shipping quote today!

What if I live in a colder climate?

Tangle Pools come with a recommended heater for the specific volume of water. However, if you live in a colder climate and want a more BTU’s we do offer an upgrade to the Pentair 400,000 BTU MasterTemp heater.

Are there Tangle Pool covers available?

Definitely – we offer several types of covers from simple solar blankets to fully automatic covers. Need something that’s child safe? No problem! We’ve got it all.

How long will it take for my Tangle Pool to be manufactured?

Production time is between 4-6 weeks for the CORR Series Pools and 3-4 months for the new STELAR Series.

Order now to get the process started and save any delay on getting your pool installed before summer!

How much does a Tangle Pool cost?

CORR Series – CAD
8’ x 20’ : $45,950 CAD
8’ x 40’ : $69,750 CAD

12′ x 20′ : $72,400 CAD
12′ x 30′ : $90,250 CAD
12′ x 40′ : $109,950 CAD

CORR Series – USD
8’ x 20’ : $34,950 USD
8’ x 40’ : $54,950 USD

12′ x 20′ : $55,900 USD
12′ x 30′ : $70,000 USD
12′ x 40′ : $85,000 USD

How do I install my Tangle Pool?

Installation is simple. Tangle Pools will work with your local contractors. We will advise them on the correct installation requirements. Regarding ground preparation, the most cost-effective route is a gravel pads with concrete footings so you pool won’t shift or sink once it’s filled with water. Other options include concrete piles, screw piles, or a concrete foundation.

After your Tangle Pool is secured into place, three service connections need to be completed:

1) Natural gas or propane for your heater
2) Run a 30-40 AMP breaker to run the pump
3) An 
ethernet cable out to the electrical panel

Please check with your current municipality to ensure that there are no other requirements for your pool.

What are the Tangle Pool dimensions?


CORR Series

8’ x 20′  :  W : 8’ x L : 20′ / Dry Weight: 10,000 lbs
8’ x 40′  :  W : 8’ x L : 40’ / Dry Weight: 14,000 lbs



12’ x 20′  :  W : 12’6” x L : 20’5″ / Dry Weight: 11,000 lbs
12’ x 30′  :  W : 12’6″ x L : 30’5″ / Dry Weight: 13,500 lbs
12’ x 40′  :  W : 12’6″ x L : 40’5″ / Dry Weight: 15,500 lbs


Can I have my Tangle Pool painted a different colour?

You bet! If you are choosing one of our Stelar Series pools you can choose any Benjamin Moore RAL colour or we can even match a custom colour. Want to stand out or ensure your pool matches your house? No problem. Want to incorporate your siding, decking, or other elements of your specific yard? Reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff and we’ll see if we can make your vision a reality.

Can I make my Tangle Pool an endless swim spa?

Of course – we can manufacture your Tangle Pool into an endless swim spa. We will add a 20″ extension to the back of the pool to house the jets, pumps, and plumbing.

Are Tangle Pools an above or below ground pool?

We are in the category of on-ground pools, which are a happy medium between in-ground and above-ground. They are easier to maintain and more economical than in-ground but can be installed both above or in ground. Typically, they are surrounded by decking and are stronger than most above-ground pools.

What is the difference between the CORR and STELAR Series?

The CORR Series pools are shipping containers that we modify into your pool. The STELAR Series pools are fabricated from corrugated sheets of steel so they can be made to fit your custom sizing. Email us to find out more.

Can I make my Tangle Pool wider than 8'?

Most definitely! We offer standard widths of 8’ and 12’. We can also do custom sizing, depending on what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend. It is important to note that with anything custom sized you may be looking at a longer time frame for manufacturing.

How do I run my pool?

Every Tangle Pool is fully tested and pre-programmed before it leaves our factory.

Your pool is also fully controlled by the Pentair Screen Logic app.

Can my Tangle Pool run 4 seasons?

It is recommended that you add insulation around your pool to assist the heater and prevent freezing of the lines in your pool. We also recommend that a heater upgrade from 200,000 to 400,000 BTU’s is more effective. Also scheduling your optimum heating times to weekends only can help with keeping the energy usage to a minimum during winter months.

Does my pool need a permit?

It’s best to check with your local city/ county to see if a permit is required to install a Tangle Pool, and what information you will need if they require one.

If you want to discuss your installation or what requirements you may have, book a consult with our sales staff today!

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