Tangle Pools Pricing

The 20', 30', and 40' family of Tangle Pools are best in class and provide maximum enjoyment with affordable luxury. Each pool size is an easy addition to any backyard allowing you to spend quality time with friends and family without breaking the bank. Best of all, Tangle Pools are easy to manage throughout the seasons with very low maintenance to worry about.

Shipping Container Pool - California
Shipping Container Pool mode 8'X20'
Shipping Container Pool mode 8'X30'
Shipping Container Pool mode 8'X40'
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Shipping Container Pool mode 12'X30'
Shipping Container Pool mode 12'X40'

* Monthly financing prices are only an approximation based on a fixed percentage and may differ based on clients specifics.

Tangle Pools Financing

Tangle Pools has two financing companies to assist you in your purchase. For our American clients, please click on the AMS Financial button. For our Canadian clients, please click on the FinanceIt button and follow the options.

6 Great Reasons To Tangle


Tangle Pools are manufactured in Canada and come in standard sizes of 8' & 12' wide by 20’, 30', or 40’ long. We also build a custom sized Tangle Pool depending on your specific needs. Just ask your Tangle Pool Rep for more info on sizes.


Our Tangle Pools come with a fun, bright, economical LED lighting system. Want more lights? Just ask and we can add more!


Tangle Pools are ready to go – just plug and play! Your Tangle Pool can be connected and filled the same day it arrives – just turn the heat on and your pool will be ready to go in just a few hours.


A Tangle Pool comes standard with an efficient Pentair heating system powered by natural gas or propane. 200,000 BTU for 8' x 20’ , 8' x 30', and 12' x 20' pools. 400,000 BTU for 8' x 40', 12' x 30', and 12' x 40' pools).


Tangle Pools wants to ensure that every part of your pool is built to last. With Pentair’s trusted, tried and true equipment, you can be assured that each and every part of your Tangle Pool was built for comfort and ease of mind.


We saved the best for last. Fun is the ultimate motivation to own a Tangle Pool. Take your backyard to the next level of fun for you and the whole family.