Tangle Pools Options

All our Tangle Pools come standard with an energy efficient 200,000 or 400,000 BTU heater, pump, light, stairs, Baja deck, and of course, a low maintenance water safe liner. However, for those who want to add a little more zip to their dip, we're introducing the 'BUILD YOUR POOL' feature with such addons as, an endless swim jet, additional lighting, manual or electric pool cover, UV sanitation system, side see-through window, and intelligent smart phone controls. Tangle Pools believes that the world is your oyster and the sky's the limit so call us today and find out more about all the options and upgrades.


Tangle Pools are perfect on their own and a see-through window makes it even better. Fun for both inside and out, each window is safety tested and is over an inch thick of unbreakable plexiglass. You may want one Tangle Pool window or three, we can design your pool to your desired specifications. The standard window size is 4' x 8' in each Tangle Pool.

Shipping Container Pool with view port window options
Shipping Container Pool cover options


Your pool cover can be used for everything from keeping your pool clean, providing resistance from UV Rays and chemicals, along with keeping your loved ones safe. We offer a premium grade material that is reinforced with a strong, tear-resistant mesh that allows for maximum durability in any swimming pool environment. Whether you’re looking for a simple clip on type, or a fully automatic cover, Tangle Pools can help accommodate your needs and make it integrated with your overall pool landscape.


Want to get your work out in while enjoying the water? An endless swim jet is the answer. Seamlessly working with your Tangle Pool endless swim jet works seamlessly and you won’t even know it's installed until you turn it on. Use it for aquatic exercise, therapy, or add some fun water park waves to your day. Great for the whole family and adds an exciting new level of pool possibilities at a cost effective price.

Shipping container pool swim jet options
Shipping container pool UV sanitation options


Did you know that a UV Sanitation system will reduce chemical usage up to 50%? This will eliminate itchy, dry skin, burning, red eyes and chemical odours With an energy-efficient, high output UV lamp will provide up to 12,000 hours of continuous operation with low operating costs. Install a UV Sanitation to help neutralize 99.9% of harmful bacteria easily and efficiently.


Your Tangle Pool comes standard with one LED light, but you may want to add more! Our vivid lighting features a rotating 180 degree wide beam pattern or a narrow beam pattern and comes with IntelliBrite technology making it the brightest and most energy efficient LEDs available. Choose from the 5 predetermined colours (blue, white, green, magenta, and red) or the 7 preprogrammed 'colour shows' with your Pentair EasyTouch Control System for some brilliant fun.

Shipping container pool lighting options