Inside Each Tangle Pool

Each Tangle Pool is constructed with you in mind. We use the best materials and fabrication techniques to ensure every Tangle Pool passes our quality and safety control standards. Tangle Pools is very passionate about making your backyard dreams a reality and we take calculated measures to ensure that your pool will stand the test of time for years to come.


Every Tangle Pool comes with a high performance heater with premium features. Getting the best of both worlds – energy savings and ultra-fast heat up – each heater has the best-in-class energy rating on the market today! Each heater is as easy to use as your home heating system – and its compact design and super quiet operation won’t interrupt your swim time.


Your Tangle Pool comes with an LED light that will provide vivid, brilliant and pure illumination of your pool’s features. With the most efficient LED technology on the market today they will make your poolside evenings go from great to spectacular. Using the industries most advanced technology, this lighting is all you need to enhance and showcase your Tangle Pool’s features.


With a convenient and virtually maintenance-free pump and filtration system, you can set it and forget it. Each Tangle Pool is made to have a system that is both energy efficient and easy to use. Featuring a filter that can handle the dirt load, and a pump that was made to last, Tangle Pool’s pump and filtration is simply a smart choice.


Tangle Pools doesn’t want you to worry about how long your liner will last – that’s why we use an advanced urethane-based liner. These high built liners have excellent durability and have been used for years in various applications with little to no maintenance.


With our urethane-based exterior coating, you can be sure that your pool will be easy to clean and look great! This coating is super durable, so it will stand up to anything you throw at it. With various color choices available, you have your options to match your home or to stand out on the block.


Tangle Pools comes with an integrated stairs system that includes a convenient Baja deck. Bask partially in and out of the water on those hot afternoons when a little bit of sun and surf is the best way to relax. Or add your own Baja lounge chair on top of the deck to fulfil your ultimate Baywatch lifestyle. The Tangle Pools stairs are gentle and wide enough to make your experience safe and sound when entering and exiting the water.


Want to effortlessly control your pool with your smart device? Pentair’s EasyTouch Control System seamlessly with your computer or smart device to allow for complete control at your fingertips. Economical yet sophisticated, it comes complete with easy one button access and a built-in diagnostic system.